Is “Free” really worth it? The Backup Academy


One of the challenges of working for a company that delivers assessments, is that you have to be cautious on what you use for continuing eduction.  In many cases, the bigger certification authorities are using our product to deliver those assessments – which puts a hamper on my ability to use their services.

However, every now and then – there comes along an independent Certification not tied to Questionmark, and if its “Free” even better.

Thus is the case with the Backup Academy, a Free backup training and certification site for IT Professionals.

At first glance, its easy to see the Backup Academy has a lot to offer, especially when IT Budgets are tight like they are today.  With some very well put together Training Videos on the various Technologies and Best Practices, coupled with  and podcasts, a practice test and a semi-challenging assessment, I believe in this case Backup Academy is an excellent tool for IT Managers to provide continuing education for their staff, a tool that not only challenges them on on specific technologies (VMWare and Hyper-V in particular), but also allows some bragging rights within the department.

Excellent Job.



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