The obligatory “First Post”


How does one decide what to put for a first post?  Its particularly tough, when I have already covered a career summary, work history and education overview that can been seen to the left.

Instead, I guess I will go with my personal life – starting with our move to Chesterfield, VA.

My wife Debi and I moved to Chesterfield in July of 2013 with our son James, and immediately became involved with the local football team, with me being “Drafted” to assistant coach.  This is not unusual, as I have often coached in the past – and I love not only having an active role in my son’s life, but also helping other kids grow as well.

Before Chesterfield, we lived in the Greater Columbia Missouri region, where we participated in sports (again with me as a coach), enjoyed an outdoor life with my wife’s horses and I was active with local charities and in the Masonic Fraternity.

An unusual aspect of my career was my time in Europe and my world travels.  While it is not unknown for ex-military members to have spent time abroad, I happened to like Germany – and stayed on there for an additional 4 years after being (honorably) discharged, working as a DoD Contractor in Augsburg Germany.  While on contract, I got to go to some interesting places in the world, and was on the cutting edge of History.  From Somalia to Zaire, Zagreb to various European Countries, it was a exciting time, and very influential into my life.


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