Two Applications to make presentations easier


Today we are looking at two applications to make presenting/desktop sharing that much better.

First, we have the recent release of Office Remote.  In a nutshell, using your Windows Phone as a remote control when presenting in front of groups, you can navigate between PowerPoint, Excel and Word via Bluetooth.  Sadly (or wickedly – depending on how you view Microsoft), this app is not available to iPhone users.

Office Remote

Requirements – Office 2013, Bluetooth enabled PC, a desktop installed app and a Windows Phone 8

What does it allow you to do?
  • PowerPoint
    • Navigate next slide/previous slide
    • View slide thumbnails and jump to slide
    • View speaker notes on phone
    • View presentation timer and slide progress
    • Laser point using touch on your phone
  • Excel
    • Navigate rows and columns
    • Change sheets by swiping
    • Use Slicers, PivotTables and Filters
    • Jump to any named object in your workbook
    • Change zoom level
  • Word
    • Jump to headings
    • Jump to comments
    • Screen up/down
    • Line up/down
    • Change zoom level

Next we have Pinstriped, an application that places a Skin over your messy desktop before presentations.  Almost like cleaning up before Mom comes over, this application allows you to hide your desktop with branded solution (you can even place a logo).  You can drag and drop folders to your Virtual Desktop – allowing you to access key information without exposing applications, files or photos you would rather not have the world see.  No more pop-up windows when people message you via chat or being embarrassed because you forgot to change your wallpaper from the time you swam with dolphins.  Its all covered and hidden.


Requirements – Windows or Mac interface

What does it do?  Why not watch a video presentation?

Overall – both of these are really interesting advances in “Presentation Technology”, and really fill some interesting niches.  Thankfully Pinstriped works in multiple enviroments, and thus broadens its market.  Hopefully Microsoft does the same.


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