The unsung meeting


imageIf there is one thing I have learned in my career – that regardless of whatever is going on, there is one type of meeting that everyone seems to avoid…yet gains the most benefit, the One-on-One.

Be it with customers, team members or peers – this can be the most productive type of meeting you can have, especially when things are at an escalation point.  Here are some benefits of this type of meeting:

  • Its Personal – The individual you are meeting with feels you are connecting with him and appreciates you taking the time to do so.   The personal and individual connection between you and the other attendees establish a rapport that will build trust and understanding between the two of you. Also, once that rapport is established, it is easier to broach a difficult conversation or situation.
  • No Distractions – When it is just you and another person, you don’t have others fidgeting, checking email or on their cell phones to distract you.  Likewise, if you are meeting One-on-One with someone, others tend to leave you alone rather than interrupting.
  • Focused – Because of nature of this meeting, both parties tend to come in with a set agenda and goal.  This keeps the meeting on-track and within a certain time constraint.
  • Measured Outcome – When both parties split up at the end of the meeting, it is easy to shake hands and say “I’ll get back to you….”.  Having that definitive timeline helps create trust (one of the key foundations of a team) when you meet that goal, and satisfaction that the meeting was worthwhile. 

If used properly, the One-on-One can really help build relationships and help set a tone of teamwork either within an organization or with a customer.  It is those relationships that are critical for everyone’s success, and the benefit cannot be understated….regardless of how “Impossible it is to schedule a meeting”. 


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