Sometimes you need a hand with cabling


If you’ve ever worked in electronics, you know what I am talking about when hear “I need a pinout for X” as you rewire, fabricate or repair your favorite (or costly) cable.

Pinouts are the schematics for what signal is on what pin on a connector our cable, and it never fails when troubleshooting that you cannot find the one you need at any given time.  I hate to think how many times HLaity and I used to rewire an AN/MLQ-34 TacJam antenna positioner (after draining the water), only to find the schematic page missing from the manual.

So today I thought I would share another tidbit from “Ed’s Toolbox” and clue you into a great on-line pinout site.  Sadly, some of the crazy mil-spec pinouts (such as the TacJam) are not there, but there are quite a few (560 at last count) that can help out of over time. is not flashy or pretty.  Its just a no nonsense graphical and tabled layout of what you are dealing with.  I can see this really working well on an iPad or iPhone, as the lack of graphics really does allow it load quickly.


I like how everything is linked and cross referenced.

The main page has everything broken down by Computer Hardware, Connectors, Cables/Adapters and by Vendor.  Don’t know what the particular cable goes to?  Count the pins and go to Show Connectors – you’ll probably find it.   Even the source of the material is listed.

Defiantly a bookmark to add – because you never know when you are going to need that 38 Pin Iveco proprietary diagnostic connector.

Oh, and about that TacJam I mentioned?  How crazy is it, that the same one we kept running is now a museum piece?  Head out to Tobyhanna Army Depot and you can see our old 501st MI Battalion’s A-23 just sitting there….in its flat desert paint job, and the the M1 (it was supposed to be MI, but someone didn’t get the right memo) still painted on the side.   Man I feel old.


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