Deleting Wi-Fi Profiles


Don’t you love it when Microsoft does something to make our lives easier – but in reality, they just make everything a little more complex?

Back in Windows 7, you could manage your Wireless Network Profiles via a GUI by clicking on the wireless network icon in the system tray, and that would take you the Wireless Network Management screen.

In Windows 8.1, that functionality is gone.  So, how do you delete those Wi-Fi profiles that you no longer need?

Time to break out the command prompt for three easy steps

First – Type:

netsh wlan show profiles

imageThis should give you an output like you see the right.  Notice that I haven’t purged in awhile, and obviously I have done some traveling.

Then you will want to locate the name of profile you wish to delete.  For this example, I will use RIC

Finally, type the following syntax and hit enter.

netsh wlan delete profile name=”[Profile Name]“

example – netsh wlan delete profile name = RIC

As you can see – you get a response that it was removed and then you can move one.


Microsoft has a Knowledge Base on other commands you can run from pertaining to Managing Wireless Network Profiles.


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