Product Review: EasyGenerator Rapid Content Authoring Tool


By Craig Weiss


EasyGenerator is a SaaS based content authoring tool that is like a piece of fine sculpture, with some cracks, but beauty that is hidden within.

Good, Average & Poor


  • Extremely feature rich – can compete with Captivate and other authoring tools
  • Can use images and video with text and move the text separately from the object, something many RCATs can’t do because they use grouping which cannot be un-grouped
  • Workspace mode is seen in real time, so u do not have to preview it every time to see an update. You see it in a large window on your screen
  • Editing and enhancing is simple to do
  • Can be used by someone brand new to RCATs, as well as someone who is very advanced – enough capabilities for all
  • Properties positioning or components robust
  • Vendor can create a component so you can push directly into your LMS, without…

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