The Evolution of the 33 – a great graphic


I think a lot of people know I was in the Army – but to most, it has been hard to describe what my job was – other than “Fixing the equipment that Military Intelligence uses”.  I know, pretty bland right.

That is why I have tried to give examples of what it was like to be a 33 – be it my job description in my Work Historytools that my fellow 33s can use (with a little history) or even an entire post dedicated to some background on the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) itself (found HERE).

Its for the last post that I wish I had the graphic below.  Compiled and put together by former 33W (and now 35T) Brent Christiansen – this details the fine heritage of the group, with Title, from its inception all the back in Vietnam Era (pre-33) to present day 35T.

With Brent’s permission, I have posted it here for all my brother (and sister) 33s to see.  A High-Res version can be found HERE.

Great Job Brent – and thank you for you your excellent service.

 300- 2


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