IP Addresses you probably do NOT want to Network Scan.


Yesterday I had an excellent conversation with someone, and after that conversation – there was a follow-up as to what Technical Blogs and Websites do I follow.

I won’t bore you with the traditional sites, nor surprise anyone that I use LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook as News Aggregates…mostly because many of you do the same thing.

Instead, as I sat here going through things tonight – I came across a site I haven’t visited in some time, Hacking Tutorial Tips and Tricks, and I thought that some of you out there might be interested in the information I found there.

As any Network Admin knows – there are times you need to do a Ping out, or a Tracert to test connectivity to the outside world.  Now, if DNS is working, you can just type in a Fully Qualified Domain Name and be done with it.  Of course, if you are having DNS issues or attempt to ping an external site that has ICMP Ping turned off (Fios, Microsoft, CNN are great examples) – then you you will get a request timed out, and the only option is to ping an IP Address directly.

Now, I admit – in the past I have just picked a random IP and left it at that, but – after reading the Hacking Tips and Tricks many months ago, in particular a list of Government IP Addresses and the Organizations/Military Units associated, I went ahead and bookmarked the site.   Now, I am moving it to my blog – to help spread the word of what not to ping, and to possibly help out many of my friends who are still SysAdmins in either the Military or Government Contracting.

By no means do I put this information out there to be maliciously attacked – but instead, to be used for education and as a tool.

I hope this helps some of you out, a copy of the list can be found hosted HERE


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