Is Gaelic making a comeback?


I love to embrace my Irish (and French, English, German….) Heritage when I can, and everyone knows that I love Irish Music and Culture.

Sadly, in the past, the Irish have had that language stripped away by the English.

In fact, as recently as recently as December of 2013 – there is reporting of how there are so few Gaelic Teachers in Scotland.  Luckily there are several Online Course where you can learn Gaelic – In fact, the BBC provides two, one on Irish Gaelic and one on Scotch Gaelic.  But is that enough to get young people interested in the waning language?

Enter Music.

Of late, there have been more and more Gaelic songs hitting the internet (remember THIS ONE?)….and I personally love hearing them.

Today we have “The Cup Song” sung in Gaelic. What can I say – Get a bunch of Irish kids singing about having “Two Bottles of Whiskey for the Way” in their native tongue, add some interesting percussion and I am hooked. What do you think – are you happy Gaelic is making a comeback?


4 thoughts on “Is Gaelic making a comeback?

  1. Jim

    Hi, it’s called Irish or Gaeilge, never Gaelic. Scottish Gaels call their related language Gaelic or occasionally Scottish Gaelic but never Scotch(that is only ever a reference to whisky) Gaelic. Nice article though.

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