Power Hour USB Shotglass


Ok – we are doing something a little on the fun side.

I am combining my two blogs (this one and SmokesAndBooze.Com) to cover one terrific idea/product – Ali Spagnola’s POWER HOUR ALBUM.

That’s right.  Someone made up a bunch of 1-Minute drinking songs, put them on a USB, Integrated the USB into a Shot Glass….and then made a game out of it.

How could you not love this idea.

GingerMeatloaf and I are thinking of actually having a Power Hour Party via Google Hangouts.  All you need is a shot glass….but of course Ali would appreciate if you bought the POUR HOUR Shot Glass USB.

If you are up for it, and we get enough responders – just fill out THIS QUICK SURVEY and put your Email address in the Comments field. I will respond once we set a date.



One thought on “Power Hour USB Shotglass

  1. I’m not sure I’d call that USB “integrated” into the shot glass.
    Otherwise, my pants pockets are also USB integrated.
    Give me a shot glass that can *play* that USB and we’ll talk, Ali. 🙂

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