This IS the ElectroDroid you are looking for


Cover artWhen I started Ed’s Toolkit, I didn’t think I would get the response that I did – but so far it has been great.

One of the first tools sent over was ElectorDroid, an Android App or Windows Phone.

ElectroDroid ( is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references.  Just breezing the programs included (also listed below) – If I had had this in 33 School, classes and homework would have been a piece of cake.

As many apps do today, this is the free version..  For a fee, you can get the PRO version of the app, unlock more features and get rid of the ads.

Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or on the front lines and need an immediate troubleshooting tool – ElectroDroid fills a tremendous gap and puts a powerful tool in your pocket.


The app includes:
• Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands)
• SMD Resistor Code
• Inductor color code decoder
• Ohm’s law calculator
• Reactance/Resonance calculator
• Voltage divider
• Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel
• Capacitor charge calculation
• Operational amplifier
• LED resistor calculator
• Adjustable voltage regulator/LM317 calculator
• Heat dissipation
• Battery Life calculator
• Inductor design tool
• Voltage Drop calculator
• PCB Trace Width calculator
• Simple Filters calculator
• NE555 calculator
• Power Calculator
• Decibel Converter
• Frequency Converter
• Analog-Digital Converter


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