The Ghost Army – A Review and Tribute


Anyone who knows me, knows of my love for the Army…especially my one little piece of it-  Military Intelligence.  You only have to take a glance over this blog itself to see posts dedicated to my 33 Brothers and Sisters.

Another thing I enjoy, is movies – So, when you mix one with the other…..look out.

Well, right now is a FANTASTIC movie playing free on Amazon Prime, a movie called The Ghost Army.

You see, in Military Intelligence…things are not always what they seem.  Not everyone is a Cloak & Dagger spy, nor all Intel gathered from cocktail parties or beatings in abandoned warehouses.  Instead, you have countless operators, linguists and Intel Analysts all around the world. Meanwhile – you have people like us 33s, who kept everything running.  Finally, you have Counter Intelligence….and that is “Somewhat” where the movie takes over – Here is the trailer:


Yep – that’s right, the movie The Ghost Army talks about how a group of 1000+ soldiers used Battlefield Deception to confuse the Germany Army.  You see some classic examples, from the inflatable vehicles – to the audio deceptions.  The later makes me wonder if the precursor to the 33 was there even then – working Pre-ASA (Army Security Agency, that was founded in 1945) repairing the recording and broadcast equipment?  I like to think so.

This movie has it all, told by the men of a generation that is sadly dwindling out.  You hear it directly from them, and see their artwork – as many were artists who took their sketchpads with them. 

This is an hour well spent – and I highly recommend heading over to Amazon to check this out – HERE is the Link.

Now I mentioned in the title that this is also a Tribute – well, back in the 90’s, Battlefield Deception was still alive and well – renamed Bat-D.  And it was due them having a platoon in the 501st MIBN, that I met one of my best friends in life, @AGlennHarvey.  A whole blog could be dedicated to our Army stories, but I would rather discuss them over beer – it is more fitting.  To say I love this man as a brother is an understatement…He is so intertwined in my life, that I named my son @JAM_Bell after him (but you have to figure out how).  It is especially to him, that I dedicate this post – although one of my followers ( @hairphreak84 ) was also in Bat-D. 

Much like the Bat-D soldiers of yore, @AGlennHarvey is also an artist – and now he does original background art for Cell Phone…you can see his work on his site :

I no longer know the status of Bat-D in the Army (Maybe someone can leave a comment below giving us an update), but I do know that this time 23 years ago – I was preparing for the Ground War to start for Operation Desert Storm.  It was another one of those pivotal times in my life, and as I look back – I am glad it was another one of those times I can sit back, crack a beer and say: “Remember when Alby and I did….?”, much like the soldiers in The Ghost Army do about their comrades.

Here’s to you Glenn (and all the other Bat-D folk out there).  Cheers!


One thought on “The Ghost Army – A Review and Tribute

  1. Dave Yonkey

    I worked the predecessor of the more recent Bat-D, called the Cover & Deception Cell, while stationed with the 302nd MI BN, 205th MI Brigade in Frankfurt, Germany from 1986-88. We worked out of the V Corps G-3 in the Abrams Building. If you care to know, I can tell you how it formally got re-started in the Army after a long hiatus and why the original make-up of MOSs was picked. I was a 98C at that time and soon realized that they had no idea what a 98C did when they were choosing MOSs to work in the cell.

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