For me – one of the best Commercials from the Super Bowl


There were some winners and a lot of losers last night during the Super Bowl (insert Denver Bronco’s joke here) – but for me, there really were a few of the commercials that stood out.   Since this is a pseudo-Tech Blog, here is one of them….possibly one of the best of the night.


How could you not tear up seeing the little boy run on his new legs, the soldier seeing his child born, a woman hearing for the first time?  Or when you saw the (Steve Gleason) Dad speaking with his son? There are all powerful messages – but this could have taken it one step further.

You see, to me – We need a unified message.  Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and many others, have more money than they know what to do with.  Why not come together and really push technology (not just teaching Graphic Design, Word or PowerPoint) in schools.  That somewhat happened with An Hour of Code, but to really be effective – they need to dedicate time and resources year round.

My challenge to them – Next year, during the Super Bowl…start a new program, one that will really take us as a planet into a whole new world.  Get technology into everyone’s hand – and educate children on how to really unleash the power they hold.  Then, after we have gotten beyond Our Product is Better than Yours mentality – will we be #Empowered.


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