Have you thanked a veteran today? You can do so through MyServicePride


imageIts not very often that I give as much support to a company as I am going to do with MyServicePride.Com.  

You see, even with all the patriotic videos, commercials and posts we see around social media – I honestly believe that members of our Military and Veterans do not get enough recognition.  Now granted, I say that with a bit of bias due to my own military service, plus my family’s all the way back to serving with George Washington (Yes – this is true on multiple levels), but I also say this as an American.  Regardless of what you think about today’s politics, we STILL maintain a volunteer military…and it is one of the most active peace keeping forces in the world.  These young men and women, have made a decision that some probably did not totally understand when they were 17-18 years old, but I guarantee all respect as the mature.  They chose the least of pay, and longest of hours.  Separation from family is part of the job and forget about holidays.  Some people will jeer you, and many will never understand the sacrifice.  In many cases, you own family do not know how to thank you or recognize your accomplishments….until now.

Enter MyServicePride.Com

Per their About Page –

MyServicePride.com is a veteran-founded company committed not only to providing high quality, custom products that reflect each service member’s personal military experience, but also to conduct our business in a way that demonstrates our understanding of the honor it is to handle these images. Each one represents a military life dedicated to freedom, protection, and sacrifice. We take that very seriously and do our best everyday to offer products and service that goes above expectations. Just like those who serve.

Looking through the website, I found an incredibly easy interface and some seriously high quality products.  I know some people will balk at the prices – especially $21 for a coffee cup, but I can honestly say that many in the military will guard their coffee cup with their life (I bet ChrisS is that way), and to have one they can brag about – well, this will become priceless. 

Meanwhile, the Plaques look really good – and I think everything is really fairly priced….so no complaints on my end.

What I also like, is that the site is dual purposed.  I dont know how many times I have seen soldiers with their awards wrong – well, here is an interface that will properly order them for you.  What a great tool (for Free) that you can use before an inspection.  Meanwhile, get a new award?  You can brag about it by posting on Facebook or Twitter.  Excellent idea.

Finally, they even have a BLOG pertaining to military service, an extremely comprehensive list of all military awards (including the Coast Guard) that you can filter and search and finally a place for us old codgers to exchange war stories.  All are great and interesting reads.

If I had one complaint – it would be not having Unit Insignia.  Some of us are just as proud of our Unit (501st Military Intelligence BN – Go For It, NOT Out Front) than we are of the awards we earned.  It goes back to that maturity I spoke of earlier – when we join the armed services, we are all about ourselves.  Yet as we mature, we learn it is about Brotherhood – and I can honestly say that all the 33s and members of the 501st ARE my extended family – with a special shout out to Gordie (Wow – 27 years man) and Alby.   That being said, it does appear that MyServicePride is addressing this somehow…so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Since they are Veteran Owned and Managed – they earned it.




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