Google and VMware Team Up


Cover artJAM_Bell’s schools are going to Chromebooks and OpenOffice next year – and initially, I was not impressed.  I mean – what good are they, other than surfing the web, at least from a Tech Standpoint?  However, Google has slowly swaying me over with great business decisions (aside from that whole Leaking Data to the NSA), building a market share and the continued release of new products.

First we had the release of Chromeboxes (Chrome powered Desktop replacements) and Chromebox for Meetings.  Kinda cool – but not totally knocking my socks off.

Well, all that has changed now that Google and VMware have teamed up to allow Windows Access on Chrome.

Expanding into the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market with the VMWare Horizon Chomebook (Optimized for DaaS) directly threatens Microsoft’s Roadmap – as they two vendors are jumping the Technology over what Microsoft had been touting in 2010.



Considering that struggle in the pushback of Microsoft ending the XP platform, customers want a cost effective alternative to run legacy apps or to replace the system all together.  In the past, Microsoft has advanced their product simply by attrition (ie – they stop supporting and “Force” you to upgrade to the new product), however – iOS initially put a dent in that plan and have really built a fanbase, and now Google stepping in makes this a true three horse race again.

Me personally – I thin competition is what makes everyone stronger, and in the end….we as consumers win. 


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