Happy Valentines Day


Ahhhhh- Valentines Day.

The day where Husbands fret over getting “Just the Right Gift”, boyfriends try to pick the right restaurant and “Friends” debate…..should it be Yellow Roses or Red? 

The later is an inside joke between me and StevieK, but it makes me laugh to this day.  Its one of those things that makes being friends so much fun – and why I like connecting on Social Media.

Social Media plays a big part in friendships and relationships today….but for me, it even goes all the way back to how I met my own wife, through a mutual friend via Yahoo Messenger. 

This is why have such nostalgia for WinAmp and Instant Messaging – it is Technology that brought us together.

Recently, as I strove to bolster my social connections – I asked a select group of friends what Social Media sources did they use – It wasn’t surprising that Facebook led the way.  A few blogged, some liked Google+ and most used LinkedIn (for Business Contacts) and Twitter (as a News Aggregate) sparingly.

Well, since its Valentines Day – a day all about relationships, I thought I would share my Social Media Contacts for you to follow along.  I always follow back, and while I am not looking for a romantic relationship (Debi would really really really Frown on that) – I do like making contacts and keeping in touch with old friends.







Also, if you follow this blog much – let me take a minute to introduce you to someone I reference a lot, and he is also the person that played matchmaker with me and my lovely wife – AGlennHarvey.  You can follow along with his Tumbler (MyPhoneWalls) for some fantastic photos….especially if you live in CoMO.

Finally, everyone be safe out there today.  I know it is a day where people like to go out and have a few extra glasses of wine…..but with the bad weather, please take a cab or use a designated driver.  I want you to be revisiting us for a long time.


Happy Valentines Day – Enjoy



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