Tech to watch – Moment Lenses


I am not a photographer, but I do take A LOT of pictures (especially of my son @JAM_Bell) with my iPhone.  So it is little surprise that I really hope that this kickstarter program that really  pays off – Moment Lenses

Creating different quality lenses that attach to your mobile device, they really do bring a professional aspect to you back pocket. 

From their Kickstart Page

We were tired of sacrificing quality for convenience, so we made lenses that put photographic finesse in your pocket. Designed from the ground up, Moment lenses are amazingly sharp, portable and easy to attach. Created with the highest quality in materials, our purpose is to empower mobile picture takers.

Definitely go over to their page to checkout the video – very well done and informative.

Already they have far exceeded their initial Kickstarter Goal….and as soon as it releases, I am sure to pick one up (as is Alby over at MyPhoneyWalls I am sure, especially after that Seahawks Pic).

Check this out and chime in below.  Tech you would want or use?


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