Could we be seeing Calvin all grown up?


If you were a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s, how could you not love Calvin and Hobbes?  An adult themed comic strip, I personally believe the success of the series was due to every one of us find something that could relate to either the mischievous Calvin, or his loving and faithful companion Hobbes.

I am not ashamed to admit, I cried when the last strip was published and I still smile when I see a little bit of Calvin in @JAM_Bell.

The series artist Bill Watterson showed great integrity for not buying into marketing hype (imagine the mint he cold have made if he had just licensed Hobbes tigers?) and went out his way, on his terms.  While I cursed him for taking C&H away, I totally respected him as an individual. 

Flash forward from 1995 to today – where the documentary on cartoonist STRIPPED is released.   Here is the trailer.


After participating in project, Bill was so happy that he even created the movie poster….and it does lead one to believe, after nearly 20 years, are we seeing an adult Calvin? I like to think so. In my mind, we are seeing that Calvin grew up and used his great imagination to bring happiness to millions of people.  Off screen, his wife Susie is fixing something for dinner and his son or daughter is creating some type of trouble….just waiting to be discovered.  Oh, the dog in the lower right….even though he is not a tiger, I imagine him to be just as ferocious.  And of course, his name is Hobbes.

Is this Calvin?  You decide –

Bill Watterson's first cartoon since the end of Calvin & Hobbes


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