@Jam_Bell and NotreDame Guy


Ok – its Theme Thursday, and today’s theme appears to be Calvin and Hobbes.

First we had a possible reappearance of Calvin.

Then we have have Hobbes and Bacon.

Now we have @JAM_Bell and NotreDame Guy. 

NotreDame Guy (and yes, that is his name) actually appeared BEFORE @JAM_Bell as a gift we bought before he was born.  He quite literally was @JAM_Bell’s first toy.

Growing up, @JAM_Bell couldn’t say Leprechaun – so the name just evolved to NotreDame Guy.  They became fast friends, and NDG was around through many many a Notre Dame game – as @JAM_Bell and I would cheer the Irish to victory, or console each other in defeat. 

Over the years, NDG has become an integral part of our family…with him being one the first things always packed when we go on trips, and one spotted whenever you see @JAM_Bell sleeping.  I fondly remember many a panicked evening – when NDG would be off on his own adventures and had to be found before bedtime.  Ahh – the life of a Leprechaun. 

I will admit, I have looked for a replacement a few times from NDG.  Not because of lack of love – but due to the wear and tear of 12 hard years of living.  I cannot begin to count the numbers of stitches and repairs he has endured.  If you apply the old adage that a well worn book is a cherished on, then NDG is the most loved toy in the world. 

When I was packing up the house before we moved to RVa, I came across that #7 jersey in the picture.  It was fun to place it next to @JAM_Bells jersey at the time.  It brought a tear to my eye to see how much (and how quickly) my little boy had grown up.  Its now framed in his room – and will undoubtedly be one of those cherished possessions he passes down to his own child.  But I like to think that the Hobbes and Bacon comic strip hits home a little closer – where he pulls out NDG for a few more adventures, ones to be had with my Grandchildren.  I hope I am around to see it – but regardless…I will be smiling.



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