You never know what pictures your friends will find


Facebook and the Internet are funny things.  Even without the NSA Spying on you, you never know what information and pictures of you are going to come up.

Over the past few months – I have seen some pretty good ones of me appear online.  In some of them, I never even knew the pictures existed, but in today’s case – I remember exactly where and when, but for the life of me…I am amazed the person had it. 

The picture in question was July 20th 1990, and it is taken of me on top of the Berlin Wall. 

Two friends and I (Hooper and Huck) had traveled all the way from Ansbach Germany to Berlin (via the Helmstead-Marienborn border crossing, aka Checkpoints Alpha and Bravo) to see Roger Waters’ The Wall Concert held on Potsdam Platz.  We had driven almost 24 hours and were out exploring the city.  I had actually bought that hat at the Brandenburg Gate – and somewhere I have a picture of my hammering on the Wall as well (it was tougher than you think).  Sadly, a lot of my pictures are gone now (long story) – so I am super grateful to EAdams for finding and posting this one.  It brought back a lot of memories, enough that I thought I would repay the favor to a few friends…..just in case they forgot some of our adventures:


@JPlace23 should remember us being on ESPN while we were at the ND/BC Game.   I wish I had a picture of you as Elvis.



Even though Russ posted this, I don’t want it to get lost – me in medieval garb (having my shoulder learned on by the gentleman in Blue) Russ has his

back to the camera.


How about @GingerMeatloaf being the baggage man in Amsterdam?


Speaking of Amsterdam – I can honestly say @Rophic did not buy anything here….but the picture was to good to pass up.


One weekend I will never forget – running accross Baggs at Camp Thunderbird.  Well, I wish I could forget it 😉


Here is JDecker in the cheapest costume I have ever seen….a Kato Mask.


Of course, I have many others – some that even “Unshareable” here.  Maybe someday I will just create an album of them and let others add to it.  It definitely would make great barroom conversation.

I hope you enjoy….and watch out what you take pictures of.




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