Is this why we are failing at Technology?


I often say that we are not teaching enough technology to kids.  Likewise, many adults have very little concept of what makes the gadgets they use work – instead, they just hit a button and expect everything to be all Sunshine and Roses.  It is this lack of fundamental understanding that (I believe) prevents us from making the next technological leap.  Instead of a whole country (or world for that matter) embracing tech and pushing it to its limits…only a few are driving the bus, and this forces us to sit in the backseat and let them dictate the direction.  This is one of the reasons I love OpenSource Projects and seeing what people can do with Hacks (not just technology).  Because that is unleashing a creative force that might inspire someone else, and the dominoes start to fall. 

All I am saying, people are not dumb – they just need better educating with regards to Technology.

Case in point – According to a recent study conducted by VoucherCloud, a UK website dedicated to local discounts and coupons, 1 in 10 Americans thinks that HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a disease you can catch from another human being.

The LA Times published the results of the study, conducted to determine how much tech knowledge the average person has.

The study surveyed 2,392 men and women ages 18 or older. They were given a mix of both normal and tech-related words, and were asked to choose from three possible definitions.

Other amusing findings, shared by the LA Times:

  • 27% identified “gigabyte” as an insect commonly found in South America. A gigabyte is a measurement unit for the storage capacity of an electronic device.
  • 23% thought an “MP3″ was a “Star Wars” robot. It is actually an audio file.
  • 18% identified “Blu-ray” as a marine animal. It’s a disc format typically used to store high-definition videos.
  • 15% said they believed “software” is comfortable clothing. Software is a general term for computer programs.
  • 12% said “USB” is the acronym for a European country. In fact, USB is a type of connector.

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