RIP David A. Trampier


It is with a saddened heart that I acknowledge the passing of David Trampier.

I know many of you are saying “Who?”, but if you had an AD&D Players Handbook in the 80’s… saw his work every time you picked it up.  He also did the cover work for Gamma Word, Village of Hommlet and the DMs Screen.  His interior art credits include the DMG and Deities & Demigods as well.  David was a central part of what I like to call “The Golden Years” of Gaming.

In 1977, he started Wormy as a comic series in Dragon (Issue #9) – and I used to love watching the stories unfold.  I am not ashamed to admit it – it was the first thing I read every month when I picked up the mag.

In 1988, with Dragon #132, Wormy ended with an unfinished story line (you can see them all HERE).  In Dragon #136, the editors wrote “We regret to announce that ‘Wormy’ will no longer be appearing in Dragon Magazine. We are looking into the possibility of adding another graphic series in the future.”.  Royalty payments went un-cashed, and it was presumed David had passed away. 


It wasn’t until 2002, that he was found – driving a taxi and uninterested in gaming or art. 



In 2013 – Dave had a stroke, lost his cab job and needed cash.  During his reach out to Castel Perilous Games…he learned that TSR had been bought out by WOTC, and it was only due to that that he he agreed to have his art displayed at Egypt War.  Sadly, he passed away March 24 2014 – three weeks before the convention.

Being a private person – I honestly think he doesn’t mind that we missed his passing.  But, its only right that he get some acknowledgement… RIP Dave.   You artwork always touched my imagination.  I only wish I knew how much those guys got for the huge gem eyes.


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