Scrum Master Certification


In my recent studies leading up to taking the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) exam, I came across International SCRUM Institute.

International Scrum Institute is an independent Institute which helps IT Companies and Professionals get certified with our Accredited Scrum Certifications and prove their competence in Scrum domain.


What I like about their service is that the training resources are free and provide a great resource for later reference.  I will point out however, that  their video is misleading – as the 1 hour to become certified is actually for the exam….not the knowledge transfer itself.

The exam is a pretty straight forward 50 multiple choice affair.  The writing could use some editing (and you know it is bad if I catch the errors) and the exam writers could benefit from reading the 12 Tips for Writing Good Test Questions.

At $29 (with free retakes) – this would be a bare bones SCRUM Cert, but does demonstrate familiarity with the process.  As a warm-up to one of the more widely accepted exams, I think this fills the role, plus it never expires.

So, head on over HERE – and you too can join the Wretched Hive of SCRUM and Villainy. 




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