LinkedIn and 33’s



On a recent interview, I was asked what one of my weaknesses was.  After thinking a few minutes, I said “That I am not as connected to some of my resources as I used to be”.  When I used to live in CoMO – I knew everyone. I had friends in IT and Service Delivery, I had done business with most of the vendors and (after 13 years) it seemed like I couldn’t go to the store without running into someone I had worked with.  This worked well when I had something I wanted to bounce off my peers – but here in RVa, it’s a little tougher.

So, I have begun reaching out to my circles, and reconnecting whenever I can.  But one thing stood out – What do I do about the people I knew in the Army.  The 33 MOS was one of the (if not THE) most elite technology programs in the Army.  We went (at the time) to school for almost a year (8 hours a day) and had class sizes of 4-8.  Everybody knew everybody – and you could always reach out with questions.

Now I do realize that there are multiple Facebook groups that cater to both Current (now called 35s) 33s and Alumni – but how do we connect professionally.  A quick look at US Army on LinkedIn gave more results than I could ever wade through…, I decided to start a private LinkedIn Group.

It was interesting seeing them all pour in, and to see how many of their careers have mirrored mine.  To me, this was the most successful military program I know – because my brothers and sisters have really become some movers and shakers in the IT world (and beyond).   

Hopefully – this will grow and we can have representation in all 50 states. 

If you have are a 33 (or current 35) – Please give it a join and connect with some old and new friends.  You never know what you will find.

FInally, for the record Theresa Dessaso got the coveted 33rd Spot.  Interesting after she had been having difficulties.  But I would expect no less <Grin>, since I have known her since AIT and worked with you on Trojan Spirit.  Congrats Theresa, and for you lurking 33s out there……join us online.


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