Is the Internet Slow–Check Outage Analyzer


The other day, I noticed some slowness, 404 errors and other web irregularities when going to some of my favorite sites (in this case CloudU for an upcoming blog post).

As I went through the frustration of trying to determine “Is it my end or elsewhere?”, I came across a pretty interesting site called Outage Analyzer.


This is a fun little tool that highlights what is going on the world, updated real time, and seems fairly accurate. 

In my case (sorry I didn’t get a screen grab at the time), there were 4 outages on the East Coast, and it was fairly easy to see I was affected.  20 minutes later, I checked again – Outage Analyzer gave an assessment that issues were cleared, and sure enough….all was right in the web again.  Fairly slick, painless and all through a web interface. 

The data given can be drilled down with a few mouse clicks (which is nice) and if you sign in, you can get customized alerts.

I could definitely see this being beneficial to SysAdmins and being added as a bookmark in the Data Center. 

Well done.


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