CloudU–Education about The Cloud–In The Cloud


I’ve been kicking around another Certification Post for some time now – and with the spate of Cloud related posts (and news articles) I thought now would be a great time to run it.

Therefore –    Welcome to CloudU

Well, officially Rackspace Cloud University, but everyone (including them) calls it CloudU. 

CloudU is a vendor neutral education and certification program developed by Rackspace – offering free certification and training utilizing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), videos and white papers, to those wishing to demonstrate their understanding of Cloud Computing in General.

One of CloudU’s founders Ben Kepes describes it as such –

(Students will) “come away with a solid basis of understanding about cloud – they will be able to ask pertinent and relevant questions of buyers and understand the best practices to adopt when moving to the cloud.” [1]

and I completely agree with him. 

There are currently 10 Classes, and everything culminates into an online exam

  1. Revolution Not Evolution – Lesson
  2. Cloudonomics – The Economics of Cloud Computing – Lesson
  3. Understanding – The Cloud Computing Stack SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – Lesson
  4. Say Goodbye to DIY Data Centers – Lesson
  5. Elephant in the Room – Lesson
  6. Planning a Move to the Cloud – Lesson
  7. Running a Business on the Cloud – Lesson
  8. Creative Configurations – Lesson
  9. Does Data Want to be Free – Lesson
  10. You Want to Put My Database Where – Lesson

In addition, there is growing content on the CloudU site, and I find this to be a great resource.  I will also go on record of saying – I joined CloudU BEFORE I saw this video from a Paul Brenner from the University of Notre Dame (before @JPlace says anything)

Overall, I found the training very well done, informative and a must have for any IT Department that is either thinking of going to the cloud, or to be used as continuing education for your IT (or even Sales) Teams.  Not only will it keep you on the continuously changing cutting edge of technology – but you can stretch your IT budget just a little bit further…..because its free.

I highly recommend this resource – and give it a two thumbs up.  Well Done Rackspace and CloudU.  Go Irish!

 photo CloudUCertificate_zps85fbdee4.jpg*2BwqGFE*2BV4*2BGFuQJE0PWzYAjgeev2dsun*2BjITUQHkkb0h3IKtB*2Fm3O*2BG5


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