20 Years Ago–The First Microsoft Webpage


1994 was a really “Fun” year for technology.  NT 3.5 was out, Cisco was really making a push and the Dot.Com bubble was way on the horizon. 

Me personally, this was the year that I had gone to Goma Zaire and Zagreb Croatia (yes – that is me back in the day), our Sun Sparc computers in the Trojan Spirits were  to access graphical pages via a browser – something called Web Pages. 

I also did my first Video Conference (via the same aforementioned Spirit in Zagreb – a demonstration of video surgery capabilities) and ran more fiber-optic cable than I ever want to admit.

1994 was a great year.

1994 was the year that Microsoft put out their first webpage, and to honor that event 20 years ago….they are re-publishing it.

Click HERE for a trip down memory lane…and enjoy.


Microsoft's First Website From 1994 Looks Delightfully Ancient Today


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