The FLR-9 in the “MSM”


I love some of the old technology from the “Cold War” Era, but then again….I am biased, as I participated during the waning years.

That is why I LOVE seeing the below article on Gizmodo on the FLR-9, otherwise known as “The Elephant Cage”.

Now, I have posted on about the FLR-9 in the past (and mine has the Beer Label), it is still great to see these marvels of technology get attention in a wider audience. 

Enjoy –

This Electronic Stonehenge Once Divined the Secrets of Soviet Radio

accaqq7jdjm4d93d4sn2In the early days of electronic espionage, the US intelligence community didn’t have the benefit of all-seeing spy satellites—it had to intercept and interpret high-frequency radio waves transmitted by the Soviet Union. To do so, the Americans relied on a network of mysterious structures whose real purpose was kept highly classified throughout the Cold War.

Nicknamed “Elephant Cages” by outside observers, these structures were actually high-frequency antenna arrays, part of the US military’s AN/FLR-9 “Iron Horse” system. These arrays, commonly known as “Wullenweber” antennas—and named after German WWII scientist, Dr. Hans Rindfleisch was Wullenwever—are a type of Circularly Disposed Antenna Array (CDAA). They can be used for a variety of purposes from intelligence gathering and identifying high-value targets to navigation and search and rescue operations.

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