Two Charities For The Holidays


Its getting to be that time of year again – where everyone thinks of their families near and far.   Its also a time where we reflect, are thankful for what we have and turn our thoughts to those less fortunate.

Since this is my “Soapbox”, I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of a couple charities to keep in mind this year.


First and foremost, as you are sitting around to your Thanksgiving meal….I hope you remembered your local Food Bank.  I personally was reminded by @JAM_Bell about this one– when he asked me if we could contribute to a food drive.  I could not have been a more proud parent, as his heart is always in the right place.  If you are in the #RVA….please visit the Central Virginia Food Bank, an organization that brings hunger relief to 31 counties and five cities in our region by acquiring needed food and distributing it to neighbors in need.

The next charity is pretty self-explanatory: Toys-For-Tots

As much grief this old Soldier gives his Marine friends, this is  ONE thing they did right, as Toys-For-Tots has distributed 469 million toys (as of 2013).  Please visit THIS site or keep an eye out for a drop box in your city, because every child wants a toy for Christmas.

Remember the less fortunate – and bring a little sunshine to someone’s life.


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