NirLauncher–Another SysAdmin Tool


One thing you always need to consider when doing penetration testing, system hardening or just overall security audits – is that there is no “One Size Fits All” tool on the market.  There are so many variables in play (scope of test, equipment/software in play, skillset of user ect…) that its nearly impossible to try and capture everything in one application.  Instead, to even be remotely encompassing – you need a suite (or even multiple suites) of applications to find vulnerabilities or perform adequate forensics.

My overview of Kali Linux highlights the Offensive Security Team’s attempt at to expand on the SysAdmin’s toolbox by distributing a Linux Distro that has its tools integrated into the Operating System.  By contrast, today’s application, NirLauncher, is a customizable application that incorporates into your current running Windows system or can be run from a USB Key. 


The NirLauncer in an application that bundles (currently) more than 180 freeware utilities developed by parent company NirSoft Web into one delivery engine.  These utilities can be broken down into multiple categories, such as

      • Password Recovery – Password sniffers, recovery tools and strength monitors.
      • Network Monitoring – Speed Testers and Adapter Monitors, Sniffers, NetVierwers and Port Monitors.
      • Internet Related Utilities – Cookie Managers and viewers, DNS and Whois tools, capture video streams and History Viewers
      • MS-Outlook Tools – Repair Auto completes files, extract attachments in Outlook, view your Outlook Stats and export your address book.
      • Command Line Utilities
      • Desktop Utilities – Uninstallers, manage file types and associations, and an alternate File Search tool.
      • System Tools – Find out what is running on you computer, recover Product Keys, view drivers and analyze BSODs.


Here is an example of one tool, Wireless Key View, successfully decrypting my Wireless Access Keys (redacted by me of course).

What also makes this tool exciting, is that it is customizable – allowing you to insert 3rd Party tools into the application, such as Windows SysInternals.  While its not that mythical “One-Stop-Shop”….it does come close.

As you can imagine – the prospects are  very interesting, and definitely belong on your SysAdmin Key, especially if you are running Windows To Go

If you are a Network or Systems Administrator, PC Tech, Security Analyst or just someone that likes to tinker…..I highly recommend downloading NirLaucher or at least visiting the parent site to look at the tools in a stand alone environment.


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