Hacking Coffee and Star Wars


So – its really come to this?  People have to HACK their coffee machines to use the the type of coffee they want?

It appears so if you use the Keurig versions 2.0 – which has a sensor able to detect if the K-Cup you drop in has paid a license fee. 

License Fee?  Doesn’t this sound like DRM?

You bet it does.

Since many of their patents expired in 2012, Keurig has seen a massive decline in revenue due to 3rd party “K-Cup” designs and reusable devices.

To counter the third party manufacturing and undercutting of official K-Cups, Keurig introduced its 2.0 model in August 2014, with a feature that initially prevented consumers from using other brands of coffee pods. The new system uses DRM to check for ultraviolet ink printed on K-cup lids.

Although there are already 3rd Parties that make products that counter this stupidity – that too costs money.  If only there was a way to Hack/Bypass/Trick the system.  If it were set to the music of Star Wars (Imperial March would be even better). 

Wait!  You mean there is?

Thanks to that wretched hive of scum and villainy (aka KreurigHack.com) for this.




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