Geek Christmas Gifts Under $20


Its that time of the year, when many spouses, parents, friends or family members cannot figure out what to get that special geek in their life.

Well, have no fear – here are a few suggestions….and all under $20.

I found these items while perusing the most excellent site  If you have never visited, I highly recommend it…but you better have some spare time and your wallet.

Kicking off, I feel its only fitting that we start with something featured on this very blog almost a year ago…..The 8-Bit Holiday Wreath for only $15.99. 

Next up, for the gamer in all of us… about a couple of D20 related items? 

Imagine the joy on your DM’s face when you present him with some cupcakes from your D20 Critical Hit Cake Pan ($7.79).


Even better?  What DM wouldn’t want to sit down to contemplate world domination with a cocktail cocktail containing D20 Ice ($7.99)?

And finally at ThinkGeek, what do you get when you cross a coffee mug with Legos?  Something so incredible that it almost defies words…the Build-On Brick Mug for ONLY $9.99!

What geeky item is on your Christmas list this year?


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