Possessing over 25 years experience in the Information Technology (IT) Industry, I have a very diverse background that begins with my military service with the US Army Military Intelligence Corp, continues with contractual employment with the Department of Defense (DoD) overseas, settles upon management with JES Holdings and ends with my current position as Technical Services Director with Questionmark.

In my last two positions, I have been specializing over the last 12 years into IT Management, a challenging area that utilizes my organizational and people skills to recruit and maintain various technical team.  These teams were very diverse, I believe it is my strong technical background that allowed me to not only created a common bond that instilled trust, but also allowed me to “get my hands dirty” when needed and assist with technical tasks.

It was while supervising these teams, that I mastered the art of meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA), meeting expectations via Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and ensuring customer satisfaction through Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

I further continued to advance my horizons and abilities by growing in Executive Management, Budgeting, Technical Team Leadership, ITIL, Software as a Service,  Virtualization,  Technical Support and Networking Infrastructure.

This all culminates into my current skill set, one that really does enforce my “Can Do” attitude.


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