Double-Take Software


Sr. NT Technical Support Engineer, Double-Take Software                           (formerly NSI Software and now called Vision Solutions)

2000 – 2001

Hired initially as a Level 1 Engineer within the Technical Support Team, was quickly moved into a Level 3 (Senior level) position that performed in-depth telephonic, email and web support of the companies two products, Double-Take and GeoCluster, within a Windows environment.  Conducted complex recreations to assist in isolation of issues and providing prompt resolution, often by replicating the customer’s environment as closely as possible in order to reproduce the issue..

Key Contributions:

  • Supervised the Midwest Support Team, providing leadership and mentoring to Level 1 & 2 Technical Support Staff
  • Acted as an escalation point for complex customer issues
  • Published over 200 internal and external knowledge-base articles
  • Tested, verified and distributed hot fixes to address customer issues
  • Beta tested and helped in the re-write of the Double-Take Engineer Certification Exam
  • Received the NSI Software Technical Support “Employee of the Year” award.

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