US Army


Maintenance Supervisor/Electronics

Technician (33T), US Army

1987 – 1991

Upon completion of the Electronic Warfare Tactical Systems Repairer course at Ft. Devens Massachusetts, was assigned to 501st Military Intelligence Battalion in Ansbach Germany as an Electronics Technician.  During that time, performed key diagnostic testing and repair of various Electronic Warfare Systems, computer subsystems and their peripherals to operational standard. Was promoted to Squad Leader and specialized in maintaining collection/monitoring equipment such as the MSQ-103 TEAMPACK and the TSQ-144 TRAILBLAZER.

Key Contributions and Accomplishments:

  •   During REFORGER 1990 – Fielded the prototype system, Electronic Fighting Vehicle System (EFVS).  This system combined several of the IEW assets into one system, and eventually evolved into Intelligence Electronic Warfare Common Sensor (IEWCS)
  • During Desert Shield and Desert Storm, deployed and maintained two prototype systems – The Trojan SPIRIT and Tiger Net Radio Protocol (NRP) UHF Repeater.  Feedback from these deployments lead to their inclusion into the Military Arsenal. 
  •   Maintained a high  availability for all systems with the Battalion, allowing for immediate mission deployment.
  •   Attained rank of Sergent (E-5).
  •   Held a Top Secrert Security Clearance with Special Background Investigation (SBI) and Polygraph exam.
  •   Multiple awards of recognition for service – to include the Bronze Star.
  •   Deployed during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

Note – The 33T MOS was reclassified to 33W in 1998, and changed again to 35T in 2007.


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